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USD#438 District Information

"Where Our Goal is to Help Kids Reach Theirs!"

June 11, 2014

Our School Philosophy . . .

The mission of USD 438 is 
to prepare all students
to be lifelong learners and productive, 

responsible citizens.



Students living outside the USD#438 borders may apply for admission to Skyline. Contact the school office for an admission application.


Skyline School is the facility for housing all of USD#438 and is located two miles west of Pratt, Kansas, on Highway 54/400. The modern, attractive structure was first occupied in 1967, and has undergone four major subsequent additions or remodeling projects. A fifth addition/remodeling project costing about $450,000 was conducted during the 1990-91 school year. This well-maintained facility is air conditioned and carpeted.   In 2008, the addition of a new Fitness Center with an Outdoor Concession Stand was completed.  This allowed for shuffling in the main building of storage, office and physical education classroom space.

USD 438 is a consolidated district which includes the areas of in and around the towns of Sawyer, Coats, Cullison and Byers. Geographically, USD 438 is a large district with 490 square miles within its boundaries.


All Skyline students living within the boundaries of the district are provided free bus transportation. Six bus routes are maintained throughout the regular school year. Other transportation covers 2 summer school routes, activity trips, and special education routes. Total transportation mileage for 2013 - 2014 was approximately 88,000 miles.

Food Service

A hot lunch program is provided daily. Meals are prepared on site. Adults and students in Grades 5-12 may choose between a substantial hot lunch and a salad bar. Approximately 288 lunches and 50 breakfasts are served each day.

Financial Information

For the 2010 - 2011 school year, Skyline has an estimated general fund budget of $3,029,461 and a total budget of approximately $5,636,312. With assessed valuation in the district of $28,983,242 for the general fund and $28,414,183 for the supplemental general fund, this translates to a mill levy of 49.32. Skyline's general fund per pupil expenditure is approximately $7,808.

For 2010 - 2011, the teacher salary schedule for Skyline teachers begins at $32,300. The average teacher salary is $51,317.


USD 438's single facility houses kindergarten through grade twelve. The current total enrollment is 361 students.  Skyline is organized into a K-8 elementary school, a 9-12 grade high school and started in 2010-11 a K-12 Virtual Academy. Kindergarten classes are held in all day, every day sessions. USD 438 is a member of the South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative providing educational opportunities to all levels of exceptional students. Skyline maintains its own program of gifted education and is fortunate to have a high percentage of students qualify for the gifted program.

Enrollment for 2013-14
Kdg - 41 3rd - 39   9th - 32 12th - 21
1st - 36 4th - 39 7th - 38 10th - 25 Pre - Kdg. - 2
2nd - 36 5th & 6th- 71 8th - 22 11th - 25  


Skyline employs a professional staff of 36 teachers, 2 administrators, a part-time nurse and a counselor. The pupil-teacher ratio is 10.5 students per teacher. The elementary school staff includes teacher aides to provide instructional assistance. USD 438 has a total staff of 73 people and a payroll of $2,345,969 annually.


Skyline Schools make extensive use of technology in instruction and its administrative functions. A 20-station Integrated Learning System Lab was installed in 1995 to enhance student learning in reading and math. In 2006, it was updated to two mobile labs that are used in the elementary area. The labs are available for use in other curricular areas, as are 4 mobile labs purchased beginning in 2002 with an additional 3 mobile labs in 2006. The business department features a 14-station IBM-Windows XP computer lab to assist students in learning keyboarding, word processing and accounting. In addition, the publications lab makes computers available for students to use to perfect their writing and design skills. The entire school is networked to assist with administrative functions such as communication, attendance and grade reporting. This network also provides access to the library where several computers provide electronic research and card catalogs as well as automated record keeping. In 1999 the entire facility was rewired to increase student and staff access to the Internet.  Wireless connectivity is available for educational use throughout the building.  The most recent addition includes a one-to-one iPad inititiave for Grades 5-12.  During the 2014-15 School Year it will go to Grades 3-12.

Elementary Curriculum

The progressive elementary school curriculum, in addition to the six basic subject areas of reading, math, language arts, social studies, science and health, includes daily instruction in physical education, music and basic computer use.

Middle School Extra-Curricular

Students in grades seven and eight are collectively referred to as Skyline Middle School. These students are given an opportunity to participate in interscholastic competition in cross country, football, volleyball, boys basketball, girls basketball, boys track, girls track, instrumental and vocal music, and academic contests. Skyline students are consistently strong competitors in all of their extra and co-curricular activities.

Computer Access

Students at all grade levels have daily access to computers. Computer activities include: instruction in computer use, instruction in reading and math, creative writing, Internet communication, research, and safety, foreign language instruction, student publications, and business application instruction.

High School Curriculum

The Skyline High School curriculum has received a comprehensive accreditation from the Kansas State Department of Education. By offering 66 units of credit, the Skyline district provides a high number of classes compared to other high schools of comparable size.

Such courses as computer science, physics, chemistry, advanced biology, upper-division mathematics, journalism and a foreign language highlight a substantial basic core curriculum. Students take 14 1/2 credits of required courses. Their remaining schedule of 8 1/2 credits are selected from a variety of elective offerings. Courses recently added to the curriculum are applied math, principles of technology, computer technology, current events, advanced math, and advanced physical education.

Skyline High students may also attend Pratt Community College during their junior and senior years, obtaining credit for high school and/or college.

High School Extra-Curricular

Skyline High School provides many opportunities for student participation in extra and co-curricular interscholastic activities. Athletic competition is offered through football, volleyball, cross country, boys and girls basketball, and boys and girls track. Skyline's athletes are often seen participating in the sports at the post-season playoff level. Co-curricular activities include speech, drama, academic bowl, science olympiads, instrumental and vocal music, and journalism.

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